Belluard 2007

from June 28 through July 7

Dirty Projectors

04 july 2007

Dirty Projectors

Based in Brooklyn, Dirty Projectors takes many forms all fronted by Dave Longstreth. His ...

Stan's Cafe

28 june 2007

Of All the People in All the World

Admitting that one grain of rice represents one person, Stan's Cafe exposes and juxtaposes ...

Isabelle Fl�kiger

30 june 2007


Télé-réalité is a film-photo.
The writer and lead actor of a TV series finds ...

Lowrider Teeshirt / Belluard Bollwerk International

01 january 2007

T-shirt Monthly

December 2006, Lowrider Teeshirt and the Belluard launch T-shirt Monthly. A magazine where ...

Richard Maxwell

06 july 2007

Ode To The Man Who Kneels

Richard Maxwell is one of the most important stage directors of American theater of ...