21st edition of BBI

from July 1st to July 10th, 2004

Ulf Aminde

06 july 2004


Ulf Aminde's work seems to develop as a documentary. It only seems so because ...

Jamie Lidell

10 july 2004

Jamie Lidell

Known for his collaboration with Cristian Vogel (SuperCollider), Jamie Lidell is the author of ...

Christophe Jaquet

10 july 2004

Comprendre les enjeux de l'art contemporain: vaincre sa peur face � l'oeuvre

Christophe Jaquet, a lecturer, dissects all themes while keeping an everyday language. Because of ...

Gob Squad

07 july 2004

Super Night Shot

Gob Squad is a collective of German and British artists. Since 1994, they have ...

Juan Dom�nguez

03 july 2004

Tous les bons espions sont de mon �ge

Seated at a table, a man in white places small cards next to each ...