Call for proposals 2011

For the Contest 2011 the Belluard Bollwerk International and the Pour-cent culturel Migros were looking for playful and radical artistic projects that are dealing with ‘hope’. With this call for proposals we threw a stone in the water that made many ripples, reached a lot of people and got many different responses.
Out of 545 applications a professional jury selected 4 projects. These 4 proposals form a heterogenous palette of autonomous art works, each dealing with ‘hope’ in a different way. For every artist or artist group the term ‘hope’ triggered something else.
Kosi Hidama & Gosie Vervloessem will be digging for hope during the whole festival, a poetic and collective gesture of new archeology. Martin Schick & Vreni Spieser revitalise Voltaire’s Candide as a superhero that questions optimism every day at 19:07. Alexis O’Hara offers her shoulder to cry on. And the mariachi band of United Sorry, Erik Leidal & Martin Siewert will bring serenades of hope.
In the Natural history museum for hope, a contextualizing project by Elke Van Campenhout, you can trade and discuss hope, and the different shapes it takes at the festival.


Jury: Hans Bryssinck, Sally De Kunst, Gabrielle Gawrysiak, Florian Malzacher, Oliver Schmid, Elke Van Campenhout, René Walker, Annina Zimmerman.

With the support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros.

30.5. Martin Schick & Laura Kalauz, CMMN SNS PROJCT 15/05/12

Le Belluard Bollwerk International & Le Nouveau Monde present CMMN SNS PRJCT by Martin Schick & Laura Kalauz ! Don't forget to bring your wallet!

Theatre & Danse / In collaboration with Le Nouveau Monde



THE NOTWIST - 28.06.2012 - ENCEINTE DU BELLUARD 26/03/12

Le Nouveau Monde et le Belluard Festival présentent

Belluard Festival 2012, 29.6 - 7.7 30/09/11

PROGRAMME ONLINE on NEW website on May 29th!